Fall 2019 applications will open on the week of August 19th.

Trojan Health Volunteers (THV) is an organization under the Joint Educational Project (JEP) at the University of Southern California that gives undergraduate students who have completed at least 1 semester at USC, the opportunity to obtain valuable volunteering experience in a number of different hospital and clinical settings. Depending on the site she is placed at, a student might gain hands-on experience helping nurses, witness the inner workings of the hospital system in a more administrative position, or gain insight into the functioning of medical teams through shadowing. In addition to exposing students to a clinical environment via volunteering, THV is committed to supplementing the clinical experience with weekly written assignments and bioethical group discussions to advance their understanding of the medical world.

This blog provides feedback and advice from current and previous THV students at each health site, and functions mainly to help new students decide which site might be the best match for them. This may also apply to any returning student who would like to switch sites but isn’t sure what the other sites have to offer, or students that would like to learn more about THV requirements.

Claire Cassianni

Soroush Ershadifar
Assistant Director