Cedars Sinai COACH for Kids

About Cedars Sinai: Cedars-Sinai is known for providing the highest quality patient care. Our dedication to excellence, compassion and innovation is rooted in the Judaic tradition and its devotion to the art and science of healing, which informs every aspect of our four-fold mission:

  • Leadership and excellence in delivering quality healthcare services
  • Expanding the horizons of medical knowledge through biomedical research
  • Educating and training physicians and other healthcare professionals
  • Striving to improve the health status of our community

We live this mission every day through the contributions of more than 2,000 physicians in every clinical specialty, 10,000 employees, 2,000 volunteers and 15,000 fundraising support group members. Together we provide world-class medicine to our patients, our community, and patients from across the United States and around the world.

Accessible By: Car

Length of commitment: 40 hours

Shifts Available: Weekdays, flexible depending on your schedule

Orientation: TBD

TB Testing: Required

Throughout Los Angeles County, thousands of families living below the poverty line are not only experiencing extreme financial hardship, they are often without access to essential medical care and basic social services.

To answer their pressing need, Cedars-Sinai created COACH for Kids and Their Families®, a program of the Cedars-Sinai Maxine Dunitz Children’s Health Center.  COACH provides no-cost health and social services to underserved communities in Los Angeles.

On a regular basis, two COACH mobile medical units travel to schools, shelters, public housing developments and neighborhood facilities in communities across 28 Los Angeles zip codes, providing the highest quality care.

Since 1994, when the COACH program was launched, we have helped more than 145,000 individuals receive vital healthcare services free of charge. In 2012 alone, COACH provided more than 30,000 services.

Website: http://www.cedars-sinai.edu/Community-Benefit/Programs-and–Services/COACH-for-Kids-and-Their-Families/


Cedars- Sinai COACH for Kids and their Families is a mobile medical care unit that serves children 18 and under. They provide basic medical care to people who may not otherwise receive it and they also participate in various community outreach activities. COACH provides a unique volunteer opportunity for those who enjoy working with children. It is likely that you will not view many medical procedures and those you do view are not too complex (as the mobile unit is restricted to certain core medical tasks). Volunteers are often involved in educating children at the site about things that impact their health. For example, you may work at a large community event such as a festival or 5K and be stationed at a booth explaining the sugar content in drinks commonly consumed by children or you may explain to them what the duties of a doctor are. The Cedars- Sinai volunteer department staff are very responsive to emails and also hold office hours during the week specifically for student volunteers to come in and have their questions answered by a knowledgeable staff member. In addition, all of the Cedars- Sinai staff members I have encountered have been kind and helpful. My application process was quite long, however, I later found out that this was because of changes to how volunteers apply and work with Cedars- Sinai and COACH. I have been told that as of 2014 these changes should be implemented and that the volunteer application process will be much faster.  Overall, volunteering at COACH has been pleasant and I would recommend it to people who enjoy working with children and who perhaps want a less traditional medical volunteering experience.

4/5 stars – deduction for the length of the application process

– First Semester THV Student


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