Clínica Monseñor Oscar A. Romero


About Clinica Monsenor Oscar A. RomeroClinica Monsenor Oscar A. Romero’s mission is to provide affordable, quality healthcare, health education, and advocacy to the uninsured and underserved communities of Greater Los Angeles. As a private, nonprofit, federally qualified community health center, Clinica Romero operates in the Pico-Union/Westlake and Boyle Heights/East Los Angeles neighborhoods. Patients are attracted to Clinica Romero’s culturally sensitive care and come from over 140 Southern California zip codes. They are men and women, teenagers and children, primarily the working poor housed within crowded ethnic neighborhoods or else homeless.

Length of Commitment: 1 semester

Shifts Available: M-F Business Hours Only

Departments Available: 


Orientation: TBA

TB Testing: Yes – more information given upon acceptance



This semester I will be completing my second semester of volunteering at the clinic called Clinica Monsensor A. Romero. I have mostly volunteered in the medical records, and billing departments. The duties assigned by these departments include filing, stamping, and just general paperwork organization. Many documents get sorted into their proper locations, such as designated cabinets. I have also volunteered at the pharmacy once. In that department I was asked to combine packets of smaller tablet quantities into bigger containers. The clinic is in a location where many of the patients and the general population are Spanish speakers. Therefore Spanish speaking volunteers are preferred. They are specifically looking for volunteers to make phone calls to remind patients of their appointment times. Unfortunately I was unable to assist in this task. I have taken Spanish courses, but lack the fluency needed for the task. According to the volunteer coordinator of this site, there have been many staff changes this year and therefore no doctor shadowing opportunities were available at the time. However the volunteer coordinator has indicated that it is likely that shadowing opportunities will be available in the near future. In overall, the staffs are very friendly and welcoming. New students at this site should not hesitate to ask questions as the staff will gladly clarify the details of any assigned task without hesitation. From my experience at Clinica Romero I would rate this site 5/5. The clinic has a calm atmosphere since it is not as hectic as other hospitals, as least not in the departments I helped in.

Spring 2014

Clinica Romero is a clinic located next to St. Vincent Medical Center. When I began volunteering the clinic was in the process of hiring new staff members and therefore they could not provide any shadowing opportunities. I have been volunteering at this site for the length of the semester. I volunteered one day a week. My volunteer day was Thursday from 9am-12pm, totaling three hours a week. I have been assigned to various departments while volunteering at the clinic for the semester. The volunteer coordinator there made assignments on a day by day basis depending on which departments can use the most help on that particular week. I have volunteered in billing, medical records, payroll, and pharmacy. When I worked in the pharmacy I was assigned to open certain medicines which came in 100 tablet containers and combine them into a bigger container with 200 tablets. In the billing and payroll departments I was assigned to stamp invoices of the clinic’s expenses with a “Paid” stamp and write the date it was paid and the check number it was paid with. In the medical records I was assigned to take old patient folders and get the information from the last year to make a new folder. The old folders were put in a storage area while the new ones were placed in easily accessible locations. Also I labeled the folders according to the appropriate record number. In general the staff is very welcoming and always can provide straightforward clerical assignments. The tasks are not very difficult but require time since many piles of clerical paperwork are assigned. The available volunteering times are very flexible and can be compatible with the class schedule. Parking is not provided, however in the mornings parking can be found relatively easily on the streets. – 4/5

First Semester Student
Fall 2013


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