Student Spotlight

Meet Julia Saile!

She is a junior, majoring in Human Biology, with a minor in Health Policy. She is from Berwyn, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, and she enjoys weight training, hot yoga, cooking, hiking, going to the beach, and spending every free moment with dogs. This is her 4thsemester with THV, and with California Hospital Medical Center (CHMC), where she is currently a part of the Physician Mentorship Program.

Upon entering USC, she was unsure of the exact healthcare profession she wanted to pursue, yet she was certain that her passions laid within the medical field. She has always maintained a strong love for the intricacies of the human body, its intriguing nature and her admiration for healthcare workers for their determined efforts to improve the quality of life of others. Following her intial educational pursuit at USC, she attended the “Physician Assistant and Primary Care Career Day,” an event hosted by the USC PA Program, where she was exposed to the versatility, passion and team based career behind PA.  She felt drawn to the flexibility of the career that would allow me to diagnose and treat patients through a team-based approach. Thus, as a result of her redefined career interests after attending this event, she chose to pursue the pre-PA track!

Aside from Julia’s participation with THV, she is also currently the Vice President of the Nursing and Physician Assistant Organization at USC, which focuses on admissions criteria, clinical experience opportunities, and health care topics to prepare professional NP or PA education. She is also a part of Society 53, the governing body of the Student Alumni Society and official student ambassador program of the USC Alumni Association. This leadership board organizes event programming and coordination with Alumni to facilitate interactions between Alumni and current students.

Initially, she began her volunteering at CHMC as Resource Advocate in the Telemetry Unit of the hospital, striving to reinforce patient education of medication, safety, and post-discharge self-care information. During this time, she established many relationships and memories with a plethora of health care professionals, and patients; all of which provided her with a new perspective anchored in gratitude, an accumulation of deeper knowledge about health care practices, sharpened professional skills, and broader awareness of the intersection between public health issues and policy. From this, she advanced to ED liaison Ambassador program, where she facilitated patient check-in procedures and provided patients with a sense of comfort while in the Emergency Department, where she even recalls one of her most exciting and heartwarming experiences at CHMC during an important role she played in the birth of a healthy newborn child. Since then, she has now advanced to her role within the Physician Mentorship where she shadows surgeries each week, where she has taken part in laparoscopic hysterectomies, as well as non-invasive orthopedic operations. In the midst of all of these experiences, she has gained several valuable relationships with many medical professionals, including medical students, nurses, physicians, surgeons, and our primary concern-patients.

She is a valuable member of THV, and we are honored to have such a dedicated and passionate student as a a representative of our returning students!

If you’re interested in any of these activities and learning more about what Julia does you can contact her at, or via phone at (484) 288-0173


Meet Mia Price!

She is a sophomore from Atlanta, Georgia who enjoys Chick-fil-a and swimming! This is her second semester participating in THV, and she is currently volunteering at Eisner Health. Because she is fluent in Spanish, she has been able to act a source of comfort and connection for many patients at the clinic. She was recently transferred to the Eisner Women’s Health Clinic where she helps patients sign up for the patient portal.

Mia has provided a unique perspective to the THV prompts because of her academic focus and her business administration major. While she participates in USC consulting groups such as 180 Degrees Consulting and Global Brigades Marshall, she also finds time to participate in the Global Medical Bridges in Latin America. It is this unique perspective that has allowed her to bridge the gap between the worlds of business and medicine, as has been demonstrated by her RQ entries:

“While I am able to conquer the language barrier, I find it difficult to attract patients to sign-up to patient portals when they do not have the means to access the resource. Combining my experience in a clinical setting with the problem solving skills I have acquired throughout my business curriculum, I realized that there was a market to distribute computers and alleviate tech disparity within the world of medicine. This in itself is the prime example of how my decision to pursue a versatile path led me to find a viable solution.”

“The consulting project I was assigned with threw the problem of distributing thousands of computers to low income families in order to bridge the gap of the tech divide. …it dawned on me that this is not just a gap that I am trying to solve, but one that I witness weekly at the clinic.”

If you’re interested in any of these activities and learning more about what Mia does you can contact her at